EMS Advisory Team & Leadership Team

Wake Forest’s event management processes and systems are governed by two groups, the EMS Leadership Team and the EMS Advisory Team. The Leadership Team takes requests and directs them to the Advisory Team when appropriate. The EMS Advisory Team is the primary decision-making group for event management issues that impact large areas or the entire campus.

EMS Leadership Team

Name Role Department
Beth Hoagland Sponsor Provost’s Office
John Wise Sponsor Hospitality & Auxiliary Services
Jason Oppel Chair Provost’s Office
Sharon Englebert Member Conference Services
Shemeka Penn Member Registrar
Ryan Scholl Member Information Systems

EMS Advisory Team

Name Department Represented
Beth Hoagland Provost’s Office
James Harper ZSR Library
Jason Oppel Admissions, Divinity, Facilities, Finance, Humanities Institute, Human Resources, Information Systems, Legal Office, Pro Humanitate Institute, PDC, Provost’s Office
John Wise Hospitality & Auxiliary Services
Karen Frekko School of Business
Leigh Anne Robinson Dean of the College
Linda Dorton School of Medicine
Matt Nelkin School of Law
Rebbeca Tilley School of Medicine (IT)
Rita Mewing IS
Ryan Scholl IS
Sharon Englebert Conference Services
Shemeka Penn Registrar’s Office
Suzanne Roberson Advancement
Tim Kerr Athletics
Wendy Logan Campus Life