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EMS Advisory Team and Leadership Team

Wake Forest’s event management processes and systems are governed by two groups, the EMS Leadership Team and the EMS Advisory Team. The Leadership Team takes requests and directs them to the Advisory Team when appropriate. The EMS Advisory Team is the primary decision-making group for event management issues that impact large areas or the entire campus.

EMS Leadership Team
Beth HoaglandSponsorProvost’s Office
John WiseSponsorHospitality & Aux. Services
Jason OppelChairProvost’s Office
Ryan SchollMemberInformation Systems
Sharon EnglebertMemberHospitality & Aux. Services
Shemeka PennMemberRegistrar’s Office

EMS Advisory Team
NameDepartment(s) Represented
Jason Oppel (temporarily)Divinity
Beth HoaglandProvost’s Office
Caitlin SquiresInformation Systems
Andrew GordonAthletics
James HarperZSR Library
Jason OppelAdmissions, Facilities, Finance,
Humanities Institute, Human Resources,
Provost’s Office, and all other
departments not listed in this table.
John WiseHospitality & Auxiliary Services
Karen FrekkoSchool of Business
Leigh Anne RobinsonThe College, Dean of the College
Matt DantismCampus Life
Matt NelkinSchool of Law
Rita MewingInformation Systems
Ryan SchollInformation Systems
Sharon EnglebertHospitality & Auxiliary Services
Shemeka PennRegistrar’s Office
Suzanne RobertsonAdvancement